Personal Projects

I created this parody character way back in the early 80's. I use to make one page comic strips and sell them to kids at my school way back in 1983 to 1984. I never really got over the character and still draw him on occasion even today.

I did all three of these sketches on the Microsoft Surface Pro. Kufie Man lacks a lot in the brains department, but he does have insane superhuman strength, which it turns out is a very bad combination.

This is Demolition Duck who was inspired by the Rambo films that played during my youth. He usually shoots first and asks questions later, which is also a bad combination. He serves as fitting sidekick to Kufie Man who is himself nearly indestructible.

Also done on the Surface Pro, this is Fist which is a character I played in a long running Ebberon Dungeons & Dragons campaign that my oldest son has been running for years. His race is known as Warforged and he is a Monk. He settles most arguments with his fists like his name sake, but has a 'heart' of gold once resurrecting 7 centaur foes after discovering that they were only attacking the adventuring party in order to supply food to their starving race of people. I based the pose on someone else artwork, but made so many changes that I feel comfortable calling it mine. They said Picasso was a bandit and I believe most artist are. Some of my best ideas start with other peoples art and evolves into something else entirely.

Jennifer Lopez

Drawn in Microsoft Sketchbook on a Microsoft Surface Pro. I wanted to see if I could shade on the Surface Pro. Its ok, I think I will get better. I did draw this free-handed from a magazine picture.

I play Dungeons & Dragons with both of my sons. This is a character sketch done on a Microsoft Sketchbook Pro.

This is the color version. The character is suppose to be a Gnome and I think I need to redo proportions of legs and arms to make that work.

Hand painted miniatures

Here is my hand-painted versions of two of the Wizards. Note that Wizards of the Coast has 'color renderings' of these figures on their website. I do not believe anyone can paint a miniature the way they have them represented. I believe the 'rendering' was actually done on a computer. See the unpainted mini shown below.

This is a pre-primed miniatures sold by Wizards of the Coast. They come gray as shown above.

Pencil Sketch

This is a pencil sketch that I did for my wife's birthday. I had originally intended to do it in scratch board, but it took so long to do the sketch that I abandoned the idea. If I had known it was going to be a 'finished' sketch I would have used a lighter pencil to do the layouts, ah well.

Steampunk Gunslinger, Cosplay Inspired

Medieval Lisa, Summoners Wars Inspired.

Inspired by a real castle, though I have no clue of the name.

Batgirl Pointillism, I picked up where a student left off on this work, but I would say its more than 50% my work at this point. The moon for instance was just a big white spot, and she was missing more than 50% of the dots you see here.

Female Flash-based off of a Cosplay Costume that was on Pintrist, new pose though.

Griffon- My son Drake brought me a how to draw fantasy book, it was a very small book with no details. So this looks nothing like it. LoL

This piece was based off the model picture to the right of it that I found on Pinterest. Everything else is my own 'invention'.