2020 Collage

The definition of the word collage as a piece of art made by sticking various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing. In this case we used magazines and newspapers. A good collage will take no less than 7 hours to make, and in some of these cases that number is doubled. Students had to decide whether to tear, cut with scissors or with a crafting knife. They also had to decide whether to wad up the paper to get more creases or to leave it flat or to make larger pieces or smaller pieces. Finding the right colors to create contrast and make the image show up correctly is also very challenging. With all these decisions in the mix and the fact that its usually easier to work backwards from the background up, it is very easy to mess up a collage. These students rose above the challenges to be the best of 2020.

Tree by Makayla Wells

Tweety Bird by Gissel Montelongo

BT21 by Ashley Sims

Apple Logo by Javious Mata

Champions Logo by Misael Jimenez

Gaara by Ariela Ramirez

the Flash by Mykhila Ranson

Hearts by Kaela Sawyers

Dragon Ball Z by Enrique Leyva-Palacios

Avengers Logo by Nathaniel Washington III

I am Sad by Teneja Hogan

Lebron James by Brooke Allen

Nike Logo by Monica Sanchez

Central America's Soccer Logo by Nathaniel Perez

Iron Man by Richard Ruiz

Sunflower by Jeremiah Ruiz

Daffy Duck by Jaime Estrada-Lopez

Star Wars by Jessica Hernandez-Pina

Pink Panther by Sergio Gonzalez

Deidara by Ariana Ramirez