Fauvism is the name applied to the work produced by a group of artists (which included Henri Matisse and André Derain) from around 1905 to 1910, which is characterized by strong colors and fierce brushwork. Fauvism, style of painting that flourished in France. Fauve artists used pure, brilliant color aggressively applied straight from the paint tubes to create a sense of an explosion on the canvas. 

Fauvism Project- For the Fauvism project we will be painting with popsicle sticks and thick globs of paint. Fauvist painters seldom, if ever, use true color. Their colors are brighter and there is a lot more of the color on the page. For this project you will need a reference photo of something that will look good without tons of details. Fauvist paintings do not have details. You will also need an idea of what colors you will use in the painting and how they will work with your reference photo. know that the painting is suppose to result in an emotional response brought on by the color. Its not supposed to be dull in color, but the emotional response does not have to be joy. It could be any emotion that you set out to achieve, but the reference photo should bring that emotion out in you, the artist!

Medium- Acrylic paints, popsicle sticks and canvas or canvas boards

Shown here is a student reference photo, please be sure to use your own photo. Your final painting will not look anything like the photo nor is it suppose to! 

Here is also the students sketch before painting, you need only a simple sketch. Your paint will cover it up really fast as it will be super thick.