Original Image

Student's either pick from selected images or find a new one from online. I suggest that they pick something relatively simple as collage can be trying. This particular image was not all that simple.

Tailyn Hogan, 


Here is the completed work by the student named above.  Cutting was done with scissors, with perhaps a small amount of Exacto knife cutting. We coated the finished piece with Mod Podge which is making the final look very shiny.

Original Reference, Tweety

character copyrighted by Warner Brothers, Inc

Cartoon characters should be blown up to close ups in order to make the work easier to do. The black line around the cartoon character should be done last by cutting strips of black paper the same width and then applying it to the outside edge of the character.

Jaresli Hernandez,


This collage sports one of my favorite looks, the torn paper look. leaving small gaps of white in this look results in a more rustic or antiqued look. 

Original Reference, Major League Baseball Logo

I recommend logos for those who want to avoid a lot of hard work. However, I also deduct 10 points from the final grade. This still presents challenges that students will soon discover. I recommend doing the background first, but many students fail to understand why until its to late!

Allen Montelongo,


Nice and tight to the edges, the student did an excellent job of leaving no gaps. Leaving no gaps is easier if you cover the entire paper with the white background before you start the blue and red. The text in the white is a desired effect in collage and adds texture that the orignal logo lacked.

Orignal Reference, unknown artist

One of my favorite options for students is for most of the reference to be blank space that can be creatively used by a student to 'further the message'. I prefer this type of reference myself as it lends to the creative side of my brain.

Ka'Niaya Robinson,


Parts of the lettering on this piece are pretty rough, but I love the use of the negative space from the original image. The student did not bring any materials from home and was able to find a lot of African reference material that I did not even know I had in the room! It makes for a really neat piece that you can look at for a good long while.

Dipper from Gravity Falls, Resource with no background

Dipper created  by Alex Hirsch for Gravity Falls for Disney Television Animation.

Dipper by Alan Romero, 


Alan created his own background, my kind of artist! Characters like this take a surprising amount of time to do well in collage.

Resource, Polo Logo.

the above logo is very stylized for Polo, I am not sure of its origin.

Polo Logo by Jesus Najera,

2018 to 2019

Another use of regular text to fill in the background. It works well because it allows the main image to retain dominance in the work.