Drawing Textures

Drawn Textures Worksheet

Students will use 9 or more textures to complete the drawing on the opposite side. The textures should be used in a way that 'makes' since or at least creates an interesting image. The only part of the image that may be left blank is the sky.

The 'Blank' drawing

This is the image that students will apply textures to. Students are not limited to the 9 textures shown on the front side and may invent or use textures they were previously familiar with. Students may use pen or pencil to do this exercise.

Student Completed Examples

Jovan Gomez-2016-2017

Alan Ramirez- 2016-2017

Shawna Daniels-2016-2017

Jasmine Shaw-2017-2018

James Russell-2016-2017

Done in Pen

Taliyah Danforth-2016-2017

Valerie Hendrix-2018-2019

By far the best I have seen yet, done in black pen

Elisandro Zamarripa, Jr.- 2018-2019