Character Design

Step 1- refer to your thumbnail cover sketch and sketch the skeleton for the main figure.

Step 2- turn the skeleton into a mannequin.

Step 3- add a costume, clothing, emblems, shoes, boots, gloves, or whatever your character normally wears.

Step 4- ink the figure and add hatch lines for shadowing effects.

Guardian is copyrighted and trademarked by Scotty Wilhelm, 2017

Below are the same four steps as presented by art teacher Robby Wilson, LVHS, 2017. Note the amount of hatching you see in his final figure is usually reserved for black and white printed comics. We will be coloring our comics so you do not have to do that much hatching. This would probably still look super nice in color though. The hatching would not hurt it!

Below you will find more character designs by Scotty Wilhelm, the mannequin and skeleton are somewhat combined in these pictures.

Color Study, we are not adding color to our character design. Mainly because its easier to trace it onto the actual cover when its black and white.

This was designed by me for a student to use. The final sketch was done by the student, and I have no idea where it is now.

Leftover skeleton that I thought You might want to see.

Student character designs

Rolando Rocha, Viper, 2016

We no longer design characters in color due to transfer issues.

Abigail Dominquez, Hadji, 2018

Anthony Jimenez, Inferno, 2018