Zentangle was created as method for people who do not draw to be able to draw as well as a method of meditation. It works very well in our Shape unit as Zentangle uses a lot of different shapes to create art.  If you click one of the two links at the beginning you will see the website of the original creators along with their story. In my class you will fill two Interactive Journal pages with Zentangles.

Zentangle by Jane Marbaix

This is the first book I began using to teach students Zentangle, appropriately titled Zentangle by Jane Marbaix. If you click the link you will see it is very affordable as its an older book now. 

This is the most recent book I have purchased on Zentangle and I like the format of the book a lot better. Since I mostly teach individual tangles and this book is laid out with one tangle per page it suits my use. I recommend it.

This is an excerpt from Zentangle by Jane Marbaix. This page shows the steps to create four tangles, Crescent Moon, Static, Tipple and Florz. I teach 3 of the four. I am not a fan of Florz.

This is also an excerpt from Zentangle by Jane Marbaix.  I teach the two in the middle Hollibaugh and Mist. I have seen Mist spelled differently in other books. Also note that many tangles have other versions.

This is an excerpt from the Joy of Zentangle.

I teach the Cadent, it appears in the first book as well, but ask I mentioned before I like the format of this book better.

This is an excerpt from the Joy of Zentangle.

I added the Cubine after I got Joy of Zentagle. It looks nice especially when value (shading) is added appropriately.

This is an excerpt from the Joy of Zentangle.

I also teach Twilight Zone, another addition I made since I bought Joy of Zentangle.

This is an excerpt from the Joy of Zentangle.

This is a new version of an older tangle that I taught, Ennies, I had updated my method to create the border effect, mainly because it looks cool when value is added.

Scotty Wilhelm's Instructional Examples of Zentangle

Notice the labels, we will label our tangles in our journal. Most tangles have names and we will try to use the real names.

Notice the spelling of Msst is not Mist here, I have seen it spelled both ways. I am not sure which one is official.

Here I introduced a lot of tangles that were new to me. All of which came from Joy of Zentangle.

This wasn't a full page, but it shows a few more tangles. W2 looks easy, but unless your following me; I wouldn't try it!

Student Examples of Zentangle

Anthony Jimenez, 2018

Abigail Dominquez, 2018

Valerie Hendrix, 2018, pen

Nancy Meza, 2017