The following assignments take place during the last STAAR week in may. Students will be responsible for 2 of the 3 posted assignments.

Bullet Train Assignment

The Bullet Train



The cacti, hills, track and train all get smaller as they go up the page. This is the Aerial Perspective trick at work showing distance. Passengers and an engineer have been added as the train gets further away the passengers details are lost as it should be. Value has been added throughout the sketch.

Monster Assignment

Cartoon Monsters


1. At least four monsters

2. Monsters must be set into a scene using the principles of perspective.

3. Value must be added (shading)

4. Some monsters must have Implied Texture or Patterns.

Monster Discussion

You are encouraged to make your own monsters or modify them as you see fit. There are some things I want you to consider. Monster number 1: The pattern on his fur is nice, but the outline is weak on the horns, arms, legs and mouth areas making him hard to see. Monster 2: This one is pretty bold and stands out, but his scales lack the outline that the rest of the figure has and his value is splotchy which might be a desired effect. Monster 3: The eyes and antennae are not outlined well, he has both a pattern and value added, but shouldn't the inside of somethings mouth be dark? Monster 4: This monster has patterns in his tentacle hair, good value all over, the outline is pretty consistent and the monster even appears to have lighting effects (a light and a dark side with shadows). Think about these things when you are 'making' up your own monsters. 

Monster Example

There are actually 6 monsters in this sketch. Size change is allowed in the assignment. The drawing is done as a one point perspective city street. Value has been added throughout, but it could use a bit more in the 1st two background buildings.

Fantasy Map Assignment

Fantasy Map



This map includes all of the required elements. It also includes creative names and different types of trees, interesting architecture on some of the buildings and runes of city. Feel free to express your creativity especially after the main requirements have already been met.