Line Art Exercises

This is the website that I like to use to do Line Exercises. We will pretty much go in order of this site.

We will do

#2 Gesture Sketching

Gesture Sketching Videos

These two videos are for Gesture sketches which are 30 second to 2 minute long sketches that are designed to capture movement. It takes some practice to draw this fast and capture movement.

Video 1 is a clip from BBC Earth of a slow motion horse. Its about 20 seconds long and needs to be ran 6 times for a two minute sketch.

Video 2: Slow Motion Dancer Anchush Uchill clip. 30 second clip that needs to be ran 4 times for the Gesture Sketch.

#4 Contour Drawing

For Contour drawing you will pick your own subject and draw. You need to eliminate any details like shading and texture to arrive at the most simple representation of the object. You should include details that define the object the best. I always think of contour drawing as if I was trying to create a coloring book page for the object that I am drawing. You must draw either from real life or a photo of a real life object.

#5 Cross- Contour Drawing

Cross-Contour exercises from this video will be used to help students understand the concept. After we finish with the exercises we will apply the process to other objects. Below you will find everything I expect you to draw from this video in screen shots.

This video and all screen shots are copyright Drawsh Studio. You can find their channel on YouTube. This material is strictly used for educational purposes, and not for monetary gain.

01 Ovals

Changing the directions of an oval.


Curving object going two directions.




Cylinder shape 1


Rectangle laid flat


Cylinder shape 2






The Bean, two directions


Complex Shape 1


Complex Shape 2


Complex Shape 3

#6 Planar Analysis

Planar Analysis

This is really a tool for understanding the shape of an object, but in art it is usually associated with drawing portraits and understanding the face. You will watch the video above and stop after the Plane Analysis is over. I have provided you a screen shot of the place I want you to end your exercise at.

18:22 is the stop time for this exercise and here is the final version that I would like for you to get to.

#7 Wire Drawing

We will be following this process to do our wire drawing. On day one, you will need to find a picture online and turn it in so that I can print it for you. Then you can use this process with the masking tape to create your masterpiece!


This video and lesson will serve as a reminder of what Cross-hatching is and how it is used before we apply the concept to a project.

#8 Cross-Hatching