2 Point Castle

Drawing a castle in two point perspective video

The series of drawings below are based on a YouTube Video that has been deleted. These images represent the project the way that I first did it. However, if you scroll down below you will also find the last version of the project which is a lot more complex in nature.

If you have looked at the video then you know I made some alterations. The towers on my castle stand out from the walls, which is how it should be if you have ever seen any real castles!

Corner lines are all vertical lines, all lines on the right go to the right vanishing point except for the 'thickness' of the towers which go to the left vanishing point. The opposite is true on the left side.

Battlements are created by dividing the wall by an even number of lines. 10 lines are used in this example on the left side and 8 lines are used on the right side. As long as the number is even it will work, and every student may have a different number of battlements.

Day 2 begins with a projection of day one. We continue the battlement treatment with the towers and adding thickness lines. You can see I made two departures from the video here. I added the cone line roofs and I made the battlements stick out at the top. The drawbridge is centered on the wall, which involves a trick that I will have to teach you using an "x" to finder the center of a diminishing wall.

Day 3, We will add windows, a brick pattern, wood pattern to the drawbridge and chains. We will start adding a bit of value by shading in the windows.

Day 4, this is all of the work for day 4 without the projected castle obscuring it. We add mountains, hills, roads, grass, a moat, village and the sun.

Here is the projected finish. I cannot add real value using a white board, but students are expected to add value to their work.

Student Example

Susanna Campos created this example in 2017, since that time I have made a lot of changes in the project. What I like about this example is the value added in the background and the attention to detail inside the doorway of the castle. 

Students generally follow me to this point and we draw each day until we get to this. Sometimes they will follow me a little longer and get battlements on the walls and towers.  I may also show them how to draw the moat so that it looks like its going around the castle. Then its up to them to do the rest.

Fairy Tale Castle

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Ruined Castle in the Jagged Hilltop

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Castle Corinth in the Walled City

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Harlee Messenger's Castle

Copyright 2023 Harless Messenger

Brady Fox's Castle

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