Logo Design

Brainstorming Logo Ideas

We will use this sheet to help each other with ideas for Logo Design. This activity begins with you putting your Name on the paper, class period, and Logo name on the blank at the bottom. If your book has a name like John that does not describe the content of the comic book then you need to provide more information. If John is a football star we need that on the Logo name line in parentheses so students can design a logo with that in mind. We will be rotating around the room today, but your paper will not move! Leave it on your desk and do not draw in any block. Once the brainstorming starts you will be asked to move to someone else paper to help design their logo. You will have approximately 7 minutes each time we rotate to come up with a quick idea sketch.

Design your Logo in the box

Students will design the logo to fit inside the lines. This box represents the logo area of your comic book cover. You may be able to fudge on spacing a bit on the actual cover, but you will not have much more room than this. So I advise keeping your work in the box so that it will transfer nicely to the cover using the light box later.

Instructional Examples

These instructional examples were drawn in 2015 before I designed the logo brainstorming paper to help with sizing, but you can still see that 4 ideas for the Guardian logo were represented.

Another example. Sometimes its hard to think of a new idea, but it is not helpful to create new versions of the same idea. Please try to ignore what came before and make your own idea.

Logo Design

Here you have my actual choice for the Guardian Logo. Note that I was careful when making this logo. I was trying to make print ready artwork with clean lines and I inked the black with both pen and sharpie. Later we will add color to the logo during the cover creation process. We use to color the logo during logo design, and we may switch back to that process so that students get more experience coloring.

Student Examples

Brainstorming, note the original artist signs the page in the box they created. 

Vernon Walker's Inked Ghost logo, 2018

Brainstorming, Notice this student had someone who did not draw during their 7 minutes. Since you only have to create four ideas during the period this cost the student who did not draw 25% of their daily grade.

Damion Montgomery's Beast Logo, 2018. Notice that I am looking at the readability of the work. In this case the S is a bit hard to read and needed some work.