Coloring Tutorial

Coloring Page

The entire class will be coloring the same coloring page. I have done this before and found that students really need to be able to follow me. Therefore, everyone will use the same page. 

Rules for Coloring

Instructional Example

Here is an example of my coloring for a class in 2018. When you are coloring, I highly advise making a list of what colors you are using. Prismacolors have numbers on the barrel. Below you will see the notes I made to myself during this process. These notes appear on the back of the coloring sheet. You never know when you are going to need to know what colors you used. Sometimes you miss a spot and need to do it on another day. It can be very challenging to remember what colors you used on the first day. Remember you will need all the information that I am teaching you about color to color your Comic Book Cover Project. I fully expect you to follow all of these rules and guidelines.