Value Projects

We will start this unit off with notes like any other unit, but I also want students to complete the Line Drawing Techniques Worksheet. You will find a PDF version of the worksheet and the guide on the underlined link. You will have to scroll down the page to find it and it is listed as a Line Techniques Worksheet on the site . While you are there have a look at the examples and other line drawing exercises. Many of these exercises are done during Art 2, and you may be interested in knowing what some of the content for that course looks like.

This worksheet has a gray scale and a sphere to shade. 

I have no idea who created this worksheet, if you are viewing this and it belongs to you then let me know and I will give you credit and link your website if you have one.

I colored the Gray Scale pretty fast and did not really watch staying in the lines, but the point is that it should get lighter each box. On the Sphere I indicated a light source, but I did take the highlight higher up on the sphere than in the example.

Value Sketch week

we will spend a week doing value sketches. The original source material for these drawings is from the internet. I am not sure who they 'belong' to, but if you are looking at this website and one of them belongs to you please let me know and I will give you credit. If you want it removed I can do that as well. Please keep in mind that this is a non-profit site for a public school and students are using your artwork to learn how to apply value to their drawings. I claim no ownership to any of these original drawings.

Day 1: Pick one of the three hats; draw and add value to it. I use a best to worst realization method for grading these sketches. Just do your best and  you will typically find yourself floating to the top of the pile. Each class is graded on its own and I do not put all the classes together. The best in class will always receive a 100 points. It may pay off to do the 'harder' sketch for the day because it will usually have a shorter pile.

Day 2: Pirate or Rabbit; Choose one; draw and add value.


This Pirate was used by the Art Institute as a recruiting tool for decades. I have no clue if they use this anymore, but it appeared in magazines and newspapers as a contest with a cash prize originally.


Day 3: Batman or Boot; Choose one; draw and add value.

Batman is owned by DC comics.


Day 4: Eagle or Pocahontas; Choose one; draw and add value.


This image belongs to just like it says on the image. They have a nice site, go visit!

This iteration of Pocahontas was designed by Disney. The character is a public domain figure.

Day 5: See the Instructor