Cartoon (Newspaper style)

Start this project by writing a script, like you would have for a play. 

For example: 

Panel 1 Bob enters from the right. 

Panel 2  Close up of Bob.   Bob: "Hey Fred, you smell something?" 

Panel 3  Bob looks at Fred sitting on the couch. Fred: 'snickers, "You sure do!"

and so on and so on.

Then you sketch out a layout plan for your panels. Keep in mind the drama of your script. Some panels should be larger and some smaller for emphasis.

Then draw your layouts in pencil full size. Be sure to do lettering and sound effects. This page may end up having a lot of erasing as you get things the way you want them.

Last redraw your page on a clean paper. You could use a light box for this. Once it is drawn then you need to ink it. Keep in mind the thickness of the lines. Not all lines should be the same thickness.