1 Point Perspective Names

Letters to be used for 1 pt perspective lettering project.

I chose these letters because they have corners. It is easier to attempt one point perspective with this letter set than most. It can be done with other sets, but you really have to know what you are doing to draw lines on a curved letter to a vanishing point.

I like to begin this project with a curve of some sort. I used this oval to set my letters to in the pictured example. However, you could use a line you drew by freehand, if you do draw anything draw it lightly.

I still have this oval if you want to use it.

You can see I turned the oval sideways before tracing the outside edge. In the picture above you can see I have already erased the oval (that is why it must be drawn lightly). You must have at least 9 characters and you can do any words within good taste.

Decide where you want your vanishiping point (VP) to be located, it can be almost anywhere. Try placing it in a location that helps fill the page once lines are drawn. Connect all the edges of your letters to the vanishing point. Remember the rules from the first one point perspective worksheet.

Finish connecting all the letters, look for corners on the top edge of the letters that you missed, and on the inside of the letters which are also often missed.

Select a design element to add or make your own up.

Add the design element to fill the page so that it looks nice.

Ink the name and perspective lines so that they stand out on the page. Inking tends to get messing towards the vanishing point, be careful.

Use colored pencils or markers to color the entire project. I suggest using a name of a loved one. My wife loved this when I gave it to her after finishing the project example.