Chrome Lettering

We use this video to prepare to create a logo. Mostly I want students to understand a few rules to apply when creating lettering styles. The main rule is that whatever you do to one letter, you must do to all of them. The video calls this "following the rules of your own chrome". The other rule would be set up guidelines with a ruler so that all letters follow the same height requirement. Otherwise your lettering tends to look very unprofessional.

The following are either examples of the Chrome method demonstrated in the video or application of the principles used in that method. The key principle is that whatever you do to one letter you must do to all the letters. By following this key principle you can arrive at a good looking logo despite not actually trying to make it appear to be chrome.

Be careful! Always lay out your lettering in advance. I messed this one up by not spelling Guardian out before I began! Its a lesson well worth remembering!

Crazy letters can make great logos if you are consistent with the approach you are taking. I think this logo for Vortex looks pretty cool if I do say so myself.

The following logos are mostly unfinished, but I wanted to present them for the lettering ideas.

Draw two lines at an angle that get closer to each other and you have a pretty cool effect. This one still shows the layout procedure I was using to make the effect.

I am not sure this one works very well. It gets the point across, but is to hard to read to be an effective logo.

Most of these names are for characters I created during my High School years, and they were original names at the time.

Notice the blocking. I do this when I am not sure a logo will fit. Its worth your time to do this to your logo to make sure you have enough room and that the letters flow well with each other.

Look carefully and you can see the blocking on this one as well. Also note the letters above. I was being very careful!

Bubble Lettering

This is another easy to use lettering style that students may be familiar with, but be unable to create. This video has a good idea for steps to creating consistent bubble letters.

Bubble letting is easy and fits some comedic style characters very well. This is my parody character from way back in my Junior High and High School days.